The Model Off Duty Look

You know what’s just around the corner? Fashion Week. That period of the year when the most glamorous cities (New York, London, Milano and Paris) are filled with fashion lovers and people working in this industry attending the runway shows. If during the show the clothing and styling is what really matters and draws almost all the press attention, after the show the models are getting the spotlight. Every famous fashion publications takes time to publish huge amounts of streetstyle photos where every reader can enjoy the polished looks of the long leg ladies. I mean…models.

While the runway is filled with glamorous garments , the model off duty look is simple and effortless. But do not misplace simple by plain because the ladies know a thing or two about style and always  manage to turn something simple into a chic ensemble. All this being said, how do they get le je ne sais quoi?

The first rule is to keep all the colours in a dark shade. The second rule is playing with the following key-pieces :

1. The Black Skinny Pants

Most of the time you will see a model wearing these black skinny pants , be it jeans or leather pants.



2. The Biker Leather Jacket

Classic , timeless, never goes out of style. Investment in a structured one, with tough details, like zippers. You will rock the streets. Literally.

ruby aldridge


3. The oversized  sweater

If it’s cashmere and has a soothing shade you will be wearing this for a very long time. Graphic prints are also allowed. It is both cozy and stylish.



4. The Masculine Blazer

Cool, classic. The black one will be your best friend. Also, pair it with a white tee which is also a fundamental basic piece.



5. Flat black boots

Biker , combat , chelsea or riding boot…any of these will rock the entire outfit.



Also, keep it simple when it comes to make up and hair. A distressed updo will be just perfect for a nude make-up.